Welcome. I am a musician, writer, composer and performer, you can find me on streets and stages around the world singing songs and playing the flute. Sometimes I use live looping and effects, other times I perform with bands and musicians. Below are links and information about my albums, and on the left you can find videos, interviews and more.

Here are some recent releases and short videos I have made recently in response to some of the things that have been happening to the planet:


Trumprovisation (lament for the world)

Bird Radio Stands with Standing Rock

Oh, Happy England

Oh, Happy England began when I found a book of poetry by Walter de la Mare, sat down at a reed organ and started singing a few of the poems as songs. In 2014 I developed the idea on a residency at Aldeburgh Music in Suffolk on the east coast of England. It became a full album and stage show with a band of friends: Aki Fujimoto on drums, Simon Deacon on piano, Tobion on guitar/bass and Laura Moody on cello. We premiered and released the album at Kings Place in London in June 2015. Oh, Happy England is available to sample on soundcloud. You can buy a hardcopy from Cherry Red Records, or digitally from iTunes. I also kept a blog during the process of making the album that can be found here

The Boy and the Audience

My first album The Boy and the Audience was recorded over a couple of years, drawing together the solo material I had been performing live with voice, flutes, suitcase bass drum and loop pedals since 2010. Othon joins me on piano for the last song of the album, Time to Go, which is also the name of the film trilogy directed by long-term collaborator Chiara Ambrosio. We took a team to Papa Westray, Orkney, thanks to the support of over 150 people on our kickstarter campaign. The film was choreographed by Nuria García and costumes/makeup were made by Nicholas McArthur. The Time to Go Trilogy is available to watch online hereThe Boy and the Audience is available as a hardcopy from Cherry Red Records, or digitally from iTunes.

La Frequenza Fantasma

Over the past six years I have been collaborating with Chiara Ambrosio on the sound and music score for her debut feature essay-film ‘La Frequenza Fantasma’, based on a semi-abandoned village near the west coast of Calabria, South Italy. The film has had its UK, US and Italy premieres but it is not yet distributed. You can read more about the film and see the trailer at Chiara’s website.

A Walk Through Wooda

A Walk Through Wooda EP was a collaboration with Chiara Ambrosio while she was on a filmmaking residency at Wooda Farm, north Cornwall. I composed songs based on footage and texts she had created which became the film-cycle A Walk Through Wooda. The films are available to watch here on Chiara’s website. The EP is available to download from iTunes.


‘…folk-horror of the darkest hue…his voice soaring like Scott Walker… Bird Radio fulfils his early promise as a musical storyteller of rare power.’ Steve Hunt, fRoots

Bird Radio shines out as a unique and eccentric creative force reimagining sound and text in such playful and inventive ways.’ Sam Lee

‘Bird Radio (aka Mikey Kirkpatrick) has the energy of Bob Log III and Son of Dave, along with the sheer inventiveness of Thomas Truax.’ Bearded Magazine

‘In a climate where the emphasis is on individual tracks this re-conveys the “album” as a statement – and blimmin eck this is a colossal one. If I haven’t already heard the album of 2015 I’ll be very surprised.’ Lee McFadden, Alternative TV

‘A mix of old testament preacher and Captain Beefheart…’ – jazzman.com

‘…a flute-toting, bass drum-beating sensation…’ – Rick Pearson, Evening Standard

‘… future medieval, as if J.G. Ballard had written The Wicker Man.’- Steve Chandra Savale, Asian Dub Foundation